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2020 Social Justice Grants Process

posted on January 30

The Gateway Central District Mission Council is pleased to begin the process of making Social Justice Grants in 2020.  The Purpose of the grants is to be a catalyst to congregations to continue and/or expand Social Justice Ministries in their community.  The Council is using a similar process to what we did in 2019 when we granted a total of $85,100 toward Social Justice ministries.  We are so thankful for how our district churches have shown interest and are working to embrace the Missouri Conference’s “Pathway Out of Poverty” Initiative and our Gateway Central’s Social Justice Initiative. 
While there are many excellent ministries taking place in District Churches, we are making grants only to those ministries focused upon expanding justice in our District.  Therefore Social Justice Grant applications will need to show that the ministry takes in consideration the root causes of present day social justice issues it addresses and that the ministry will create an opportunity for a long term solution.  Projects that seek long term solutions will be given priority over those that address only immediate needs.  Also emphasis will be given to applications that focus upon justice ministries that move beyond “acts of mercy” and other important ministries.  Consideration will be given to congregations that show a capacity to use funds effectively.   This can be done by clearly demonstrating a passion for social justice in past and current ministries and/or by showing the effective use of grants in the past to accomplish goals.  Applications should show actionable social ministry projects that move beyond educational, planning and/or strategizing projects.
In addition to the Social Justice aspect, our review process will include several other factors:

  • The project plan demonstrates financial commitment and ownership by the use of church funds as well as other resources.  
  • The project’s expenses are reasonably in-line with the potential number of people to be served and impacted in the community.      
  • The project exhibits a collaborative effort with other skilled contributors to ensure success.
  • Strategic planning with self-accountability and clear and realistic time lines are included. 
  • The church leadership’s commitment to being a Connectional Church by paying District and Conference Apportionments.
The 2020 Social Justice Ministry Grant Process Timeline is as follows: 
Mar. 1 –  Application Forms will be sent out to Pastors and Lay Leaders.
May 1 –  Applications Due at the District Office.
Aug 15 – Grant Decision announced. 
Please keep the District Council and other district congregations in your prayers for a 2020 vision of Social Justice in our district.