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Pastor & PPRC Evaluations Due June 3, 2019

posted on March 11

The 2019 Evaluation Forms ready for download on the Forms page of the district website (or below). There are 4 forms:

  • Self-Evaluation Form -SENIOR (LEAD) PASTOR – completes this form, getting PPRC signature (at a minimum, the PPRC Chair’s signature).
  • Annual Assessment -The PPRC completes this form, sharing with Pastor and getting pastor’s signature.
  • Self-Evaluation Form - ASSOCIATE (Executive/Site) PASTOR/DEACON completes this form, getting the Senior Pastor to sign.
  • Associate Pastor Evaluation with Senior Pastor is to be completed jointly with the SENIOR PASTOR & ASSOCIATE PASTOR/DEACON.  This form does need to be signed by the PPRC Chairperson.
  • Growth Covenant is completed by the DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT & PASTOR at the time of the Evaluation conversation.  At the end of the conversation, the DS and the PASTOR sign the Growth Covenant then two copies are given to the Pastor to take back to his/her church and get the PPRC Chairperson’s signature and email completed covenant to the district office. 

 The deadline to submit the signed forms to the district office is Monday, June 3rd

Please Note

-All Churches receiving a new pastor this summer do not need to fill out an evaluation form. 
-All Pastors who are retiring, moving out of, or moving into new appointments in the district do not need to fill out an evaluation form. 
-Lay Persons supplying churches on an assigned basis do not need to fill out an evaluation.  Pastor Robin will set a time to meet with assigned lay persons. 
To sign up for your review with DS Robin, please click on the sign-up link.  All paperwork must be completed and received in the district office prior to your meeting or it may be cancelled.