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Social Justice Grants


Gateway Central District 2019 Social Justice Grant Application Process



The Gateway Central Social Justice Ministry program is a resource to strengthen ministries of local United Methodist congregations who were within the Gateway Central District as of September 11, 2017.  The following grant process is available to identify ministries which promote Social Justice and assist in the effectiveness of those ministries.  Only Gateway Central congregations are eligible for these Social Justice Ministry grants.  The Social Justice Ministry grants can be used to initiate or enhance programs, projects, or activities that are innovative and effective, and that advance Social Justice ministry in the long term. Grants are awarded for one-time funding needs.  Apportionments history will be considered.


Social Justice Ministry Definition

The Gateway Central District focuses on identifying and ending practices of:

·         Racism,

·         Unacceptable Public Education

·         Sub-Standard Housing

 And to Support:  

·         Realistic Living Wages 

·         Improving Race Relations

·         Anti-Poverty

·         Restorative Justice: School-to-Prison Pipeline

The Gateway Central District challenges our churches to “resist evil, injustice and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves.”   Grants will be reviewed to determine if the requested project works to understand the root causes of the issues, not just the symptoms and to create long term solutions.


How to Apply

1.  Complete the Grant Application form and attach a brief narrative statement.

2. A separate application must be completed for EACH project.

If more than one application is submitted, indicate which project has priority.

3. Submit application(s) by email or USPS.

4. Completed applications MUST be postmarked or emailed by NOON on June 13, 2019.

5. Grants are awarded on an annual basis.   **There is no cap on the amount of funding a church can request.  The amount received will be subject to a number of factors


Apply Here:




Mail applications to:

Gateway Central District

301 Sovereign Ct., Suite 100

Ballwin, MO 63011


Email to:  Rita Goddard at


How Proposals are Processed and Grants Made

       The Gateway Central District Mission Council will make decisions regarding grants.  Each completed application must have the required approval or endorsements, with signatures. 

      Applications are then evaluated by the Gateway Central District Mission Council Grant Review Committee. Funding decisions are determined on a case-by-case basis and are dependent on funds available and the merits of each request.

      Priority consideration is given to proposals that demonstrate a strong and meaningful connection to vital and productive Social Justice ministry and congregational involvement. 

      Proposals seeking funds for capital projects will be considered only after all other grants. Priorities have been considered and funding allocations determined.

      There are several possible actions that may be taken regarding any application:

1)    The request may be approved and either fully or partially funded;

2)    The request may be approved for a “challenge” or “matching” grant;

3)    Action on the request may be tabled and additional information requested;

4)    The grant request may be denied.

      Each applicant will be advised, in writing, of the action taken by the Gateway Central Mission Council Grant Review Committee.

**There is no cap on the amount of funding a church can request.  The amount received will be subject to a number of factors. 


Measuring Results

Approximately one year after the grant funds are disbursed, the applicant will be expected to complete an evaluation of the project. The evaluation form, sent by the Gateway Central District, will ask the applicant to: verify the use of funds, provide a brief progress report, describe how goals and objectives have or have not been met, describe measurable benefits (using a quantifiable factor such as attendance or number of new members--provide average numbers for both before and after implementation) and identify challenges that arose during implementation. The evaluation MUST be completed and returned in order to maintain eligibility to apply for future grants.


Grant Proposal Narrative Deadlines

Along with the application form, please submit a brief narrative that addresses the topics described below.  Please limit narrative to no more than two single-sided pages.  Please do not staple application materials. 


Project Description

1.     Provide a brief overview of your congregation.  Include location, description of congregation, and ministries for which the church is known.

2.     Describe the Social Justice issue or problem to be addressed with grant funds. Identify the target population and number of people to be served by the project. 

3.     Describe the proposed project. Is this a new project or an existing project? If it is an existing project, when did it begin? Explain how this project fits with the long-range plans of your church.

4.     Describe how this project will contribute to the church’s Social Justice Ministry effectiveness.   

5.     If the project includes the purchase of equipment or software, please describe your plans for installation and security. If the project involves new curriculum or training, describe how others will be trained in the future. Identify staff and church members when appropriate.

6.     List the main goals of the project and your plan to document progress and measure results. Please use quantitative measures when possible.

7.     Provide a timeline for implementation.


Other Notes:

The Gateway Central Social Justice Grant Committee will be reviewing many proposals. We strongly recommend that proposals be concise and address the topics outlined above. Please do not use binders or special covers.



Please contact Rita Goddard at