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Webster UMC Seeking PT Communications & Administration Coordinator

posted on September 16

Webster United Methodist Church is seeking a Part Time Communications and Administration Coordinator. Webster United Methodist is a theologically progressive and inclusive church. This position has ...

EMERGE: A Soul Connections Retreat - Oct. 28-30

posted on September 15

EMERGE invites you to rest and renew your sense of connection and community as we emerge together from this difficult season. Using the story of Lazarus as our guide, we’ll reflect on the challenges ...

Food Box Challenge

posted on September 14

Get out your thinking cap and tie on your favorite apron, it’s time to get creative in the kitchen! Join Festival of Sharing as we kick off the Sharefest season with the Food Box Challenge. Using ...

2021 Consultation Forms

posted on September 08

The 2021 Consultation Forms are now available for download on the Forms page of the district website. 2021 Pastor Consultation Form (for Lead/Senior Pastors) 2021 Appointed Associate Pastor ...

MUMF Fall Ministry Grants - Deadline October 1

posted on September 03

The Foundation grant program continues to grow in size and service  thanks to the generous gifts of donors across our state. Gifts ranging from large estates to modest memorials continue to build the ...

Fall Coach Training Opportunities

posted on September 02

In partnership with Rev. Val Hastings and Coaching4Clergy, the Missouri Conference is offering the three steps of training required to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International ...

Disaster Response Updates: Louisiana, New Jersey and New York

posted on September 02

Many of you have graciously asked how you can help our Louisiana neighbors in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Scott Burdin, Missouri Disaster Response Coordinator, has been in close contact with ...

2021 Conference and District Apportionment Deadline

posted on August 31

The final date to submit 2021 apportionment payments is January 10th, 2022. Any apportionment payment sent after December 31st, 2021  will need to be sent with guaranteed delivery before 4:30 p.m. on ...

Salem in Ladue's "Courageous Conversations" - Sept. 18

posted on August 30

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the Courageous Conversations presentation on Saturday, September 18, from 10:00 am-Noon.  All staff are encouraged to attend. Join Culture Coach Nikki Lerner for...

Thinking Theologically Discussion Courses

posted on August 30

Thinking Theologically provides intellectual renewal through small group, discussion-based courses focused on a single concept, theory or reading. Together we’ll connect these theological thoughts to ...

Gateway Central Social Justice Videos

posted on August 27

The Gateway Central Mission Council is producing a series of short videos to help the district understand the difference between social justice ministry and mercy ministry. Each video will be from a ...

Living Word's "Aspire Women's Event" - Oct. 24

posted on August 26

One Night-3 hours -Just For Women Aspire is a one-night women’s event full of laughter, learning, stories, and music with three ladies taking the stage, 1 Bible Teacher – 1 Comedian – 1 Musician. The...

Update: Free Online Learning Event

posted on August 10

Is your church making a significant difference in relevant mission or ministry?  As a leader, are you seeking to know how to lead into the future? What would a fresh wind that rejuvenates a declining ...

Part-Time Ministerial Leaders Education Program

posted on July 29

Part-Time Ministerial Leaders, or PML, is an educational multi-tool that is designed to be both a program (like a degree) and individual courses (freestanding course opportunities). Its dual purpose ...

Gateway Central District Gathering - Oct. 3

posted on July 20

Dates: Sunday, October 3, 2021 Time: 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Location: Fellowship Hall | Manchester UMC Description: Come join colleagues and friends at a district-wide event on Sunday, October 3, 2021, ...

COVID-19 Vaccine-Related Resources for the Local Church

posted on July 12

FAQs About COVID-19 Vaccines and the Local Church With outbreaks persisting and vaccines on the rise, several questions are coming up with respect to our churches and vaccines. The Missouri Conference...

Emotional Health Small Group Resource

posted on July 12

What does the Bible have to say about feelings? Using the Pixar movie Inside Out as a guide, this resource explores what scripture has to say about the emotions personified in the film: joy, anger, ...

Fall Charge Conference Sign Up and Forms

posted on July 06

Below is the 2021 Gateway Central Charge Conference Schedule. There are 2 virtual options and the rest will be in person, at this time. We are closely monitoring the COVID numbers and will let you ...

Manchester's "Walk Justly Conference" - Oct. 22-24

posted on July 01

Building on our rich Wesleyan heritage of social holiness, Manchester UMC will host Methodists from across the connection in a two-day conference dedicated to the topic of “Just Missions.” The Walk ...

Leadership Institute 2021

posted on June 23

One Conference, One Schedule All times are Central Daylight Time. Whether online or in-person, all participants will have the same schedule. Nationally renowned speakers will bring their unique ...

COVID-19 Guidelines for In-Person Worship (May 1, 2021)

posted on April 30

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidance that may allow reducing restrictions on gatherings particularly in outdoor spaces.  In the spirit of doing no harm, Bishop Farr...

NEW Clergy and Laity Newsletters

posted on March 09

Have you signed up for our new clergy and laity newsletters? We wrap up everything you need to know about what's happening in the Missouri Conference into one weekly email with tailored content. Sign ...

Redistricting Proposal Details

posted on February 18

The Missouri Conference Mission Council has voted unanimously to recommend that the Missouri Conference reduce the number of districts from nine to five beginning July 1, 2022. A proposal will be ...

Wellness Resources

posted on February 05

Wellness might feel like the latest buzzword, but now more than ever, it’s important for each of us to be intentional in how we’re maintaining our well-being. Wespath defines wellness as encompassing ...

Pre-Recorded Sermons Available for Download

posted on January 28

In December, the Missouri Conference recorded four sermons by Rev. Nate Berneking, Rev. Dr. Kate Hanch, Rev. Hank Jenkins and Bishop Farr with plans to make them available for use in the local church....

Digital Church: Reaching an Online Mission Field

posted on January 07

How do we minister when we can’t meet in-person? Learn how to connect new people to Christ in this virtual workshop, a learning experience designed to inspire and educate on how to approach digital ...